Howard L Turner Post 276

Post History

On 10 November 1955, the first meeting of the POST 276 as we know it today, was held in the Severn area. The members at this meeting, Buck Hood, John Burns and sixteen others met with the intention of creating an American Legion Post in the Severn area. These two men had earlier met with Vice Commander Dione of the American Legion concerning a Legion Charter. Vice Commander Dione advised them that fifteen members were needed to qualify for the Charter. Their only order of business at this meeting was to elect officers to continue their ambition of establishing a Severn, Maryland American Legion Post.

Officers for 1956 were elected as follows:

  • Commander: Buck Hood
  • Vice Commander: Leroy Knight
  • Adjutant: John Burns
  • Finance Officer: John Lawn
  • Chaplain: Harold Fisher
  • SGT at Arms: Gordon Hood
  • Historian: Buford Hansberger
  • Service Officer: Don Morgan

On 14 November 1955, Buck Hood, John Burns, Leroy Knight and Ted Hoefler went to the Area C meeting held at Cook-Pinkney Post 141, in Annapolis to request the Charter for Post 276. The motion was taken to the floor for the Charter, which was passed by a vote of fifteen to two.

During the month of December 1955, the acquisition of a building lot was accomplished and the beginning of clearing this lot for the building of the future Howard L. Turner Post 276.

During the February/March 1956 timeframe the temporary Charter arrived from the Department of Maryland American Legion Headquarters with the Post number 276.

In September of 1956, a building report was given by Robert Ward who was awarded $25.00 expense money to see about buying a Post home on Quarterfield road for $1000.00 down and the rest in monthly payments.

It was not until September 1957 that a decision was made to buy a building on Quarterfield road to serve as the meeting place of the newly formed Post 276.

1956 Charter Membership Roll

The American Legion Howard L. Turner Incorporated Post 276

Department of Maryland

  • Jack Aftung

  • John Lawn

  • Ralph Perdue

  • Stuart Steel Sr.

  • Buford Hansburger

  • Burton Hood

  • Clarence Lawson

  • Edward Pundt

  • Earl Stinchcomb

  • Howard Hoefler Jr.

  • Lester Hood

  • Donald Morgan

  • Albert Resuing

  • Robert Ward