Howard L. Turner Post 276

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Commander's Corner

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Happy 2018! I hope this year brings everybody happiness. By now ournew sign is in place, looks real good! I want to Thank everyone involved withthis project. Each of you played an important role, from start to finish, and hungin there during the long process. Thank You. We will be having a ceremony forthe new sign, to be announced. Check the post for date and details. This shouldbe a good year for the post, we are making some Entertainment changes, new updatedequipment. We are making some vendor changes, and the Flags that are onthe building are being considered to be moved to another location, and your ideasare always welcomed. The county water and sewage are now hooked up. Thanksto all who helped with these efforts. The rest of the parking lot should be completethis year. The Hall is continuing to fill, get your dates in soon! the earlierthe better to insure your date reservation. As we continue to make great strides inthe overall appearance and function of the post, Remember, its because of thevolunteers, the people who give a moment of their time, that make difference.Lets make 2018, the post's greatest year!

Respectfully,Michael F. Lowman 

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