Howard L. Turner Post 276

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Commander's Corner

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Happy New Year! I do hope that all of you had a Merry Christmas. With the new year comes more things, issues and challenges…

First, I would like to welcome all new members, transfers and their families to our Post. Welcome aboard! I look forward to meeting you. Thank you for your contin-ued service. Our recruitment program has been doing well and the Department has noticed it.

Marcello (First Vice) and Scott (Former Commander) recently received recognition from the Department of Maryland for their recruitment efforts. Great job to both! Furthermore, if any of you do so or assist in the process, sign your name to the “Recruiter” line. We would like to recognize your efforts, too.

This year is the installation of new officers, various awards and Legionnaire of the Year. Think about potential qualified nominees—including yourself! We need your input by 15 April 2019 to continue the integrity and success of our Post.

I am honored to announce that “Col. Pat” Patrick Mcaleer has accepted the posi-tion of Second Vice Commander. (Thankyou!) He will be responsible for hall rentals and will become a member of the Executive Committee. Mr. Mcaleer comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and ideas from his career as retired military officer. He has been off and running and he will be an asset to the Legion. I have asked Mr. Ed Kaneely to fill the vacated position on the Executive Committee from Pat. Ed has been a long time member of the Post with a background in the Marines and Government Service. Welcome aboard!

We still need to fill the positions for Public Affairs and Chaplain and do need help with breakfasts and dinners plus general repairs, cleaning and maintenance. Your help would be appreciated!

To those we have not recognized…
As the Commander of this Post for a few years, it has been my wish to show ap-preciation to those who work behind the scenes in their efforts to make our home great. There are quite a few of you.

The problem arises when I need to name names but often omit some of you. This can be awkward.

Your efforts, however, are not invisible. Many members have great ideas, and interesting input, I hear you, and thank you! You are all, very much valued members of our Post.

For those of you who tend to the finances, maintain the cleanliness of our facility, Grounds keeping, lawn mowing, take care of the gardens, tend bar (sometimes on short notice) and help others in need—thank you so much!

Our Post can not be a success without your efforts.


Michael F. Lowman, Commander Post 276

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